Acts of Kindness

Reduce Your Commitments

In this age, it is easy to get waist deep in work, so much it takes away free time and drains our energy. The implication of this is that the important tasks we are supposed to handle are neglected and pushed to a further date. Sadly, our performance dwindles over time, consequently affecting our daily routine and mental state. Lack of information, strategies, and tools often cause the simplest of task to become overwhelming, causing stress and discomfort. While many do not realize it, the result of having too much work to handle is unproductivity.

The most effective way to increase your productivity is summarized in a simple phrase: how you can reduce your commitments. Our brain works in a fascinating way. The moment your brain realizes that every free time will be spent handling one project or another, it automatically becomes disturbed that you may not have time for other important aspects of your life.

The moment you reduce your commitments, your brain heaves a sigh of relief and becomes more focused. The hormones that trigger stress also take a backseat. When you get back your composure, you will be surprised with how fast you handle your daily routine.

The best way to reduce your commitments is by optimizing your time appropriately. This may take time to learn, however, it will pay off in the end. Start by tracking the time you spend doing tasks. Within a week, you will get an overview of how much time you waste—or use effectively. Afterwards, set your goals, and make sure they are specific, achievable, and timed.

You can set priorities based on how important the task is. Set time for those important tasks, probably six daily, and work on them, instead bothering yourself over those seemingly urgent tasks. By creating a schedule and committing yourself only to important tasks, you will be surprised by your new level of productivity. The key, reduce commitments, do more.

How To Make Yourself A Hero With Small Acts Of Kindness

For someone to become a hero, it doesn’t mean that they have to leap high buildings or wear a red cap. An everyday hero always looks for opportunities to give other small acts of kindness. Practicing acts of kindness is an enough expression of abundance. It can be giving monetary donations or giving out something to the less fortunate without any involvement of money.

Years ago, while I lived in Belgium, I would travel home to the United States every summer to visit my family members. I always made the trip with my two girls as far as I can remember. Early one morning I boarded the plane at the city of Brussels with my then seven-year-old and two-year daughters. We were already buckled into our seats when a plane stewardess approached us. She wanted to know whether I had packed breakfast for my daughters. Surprisingly, I answered I had ordered meals for kids for this part of the trip. The stewardess wasn’t hesitant to disclose to us that the food staffs of the airline were on strike, and therefore, no meals would be served. I felt helpless for my girls because I knew they were hungry and they needed to take something for breakfast.

After a few minutes later, the stewardess returned and gave me a black paper bag. In it, there was the breakfast that she had kept for herself that morning. She offered it so that my children can take it and not feel hungry during the trip. Twenty-two years later, I still remember this act of kindness.

To wrap up the loose ends, it is worth to mention that during a typical day we have very many opportunities to offer a little extra to others. You find that acts that display kindness are like seeds and when we spread them they grow. Be kind to people you never know.

Acts Of Kindness

Someone was having breakfast at one of his favorite restaurants.He finished his meal and was waiting for the server to bring the check. She never came. So, He walked to the front and let her know that he was done and just wanted to pay his bill. She responded by saying that there was no bill that day. She went on to explain that someone had paid for his meal, and wished to remain anonymous. She assured him it was nothing creepy or weird. This person just likes to do stories of random acts of kindness for others.He was very touched by this person’s attitude of sharing, as it was completely unexpected. It did brighten his day, and ignited a spark in him, to ‘pay it forward’, and randomly and anonymously share with another. It was a creative adventure to make it happen, and it felt great too. Then he remembered, how over the past several weeks, he had been coming across various emails, books, and seminars that emphasized the value and importance of acts of kindness for others,

An act of kindness is good for your health. Not only does it brighten another person’s day or create a positive shift in their perception of the world around them, but it also fosters positive emotions for the person doing the sharing. Kindness creates a healthy balance in your life. Recent scientific studies reveal that negative emotions such create stress, and decrease the body’s immune function for between 4 and 6 hours after experiencing or acting on the negative emotion. Cortisol mostly called the death hormone is released in larger quantities, which causes decreased renewal function and quicker aging of our entire body. Whereas, feelings of positive emotions such as love, appreciation, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion and kindness increase the body’s immune response for 3 to 7 hours.

Two Friends Act of Kindness

Two friends went to board a bus back home, but as a rule, they were supposed to wait for a complete alighting from a bus to get before boarding. With their look of anxiousness, they were patient to wait for their turn to board or alight the bus.

They waited patiently as those who reached their destination gave others a room for alight. In between the hustle, a particular elderly man, probably 70s caught their attention. On his right hand, he had a walking stick, involuntarily movement; he stooped posture straight to one direction. Apparently, he seems like he needed some help while alighting from a bus since he already reached his destination, but requesting a helping hand could have been denied.

However, one of the two friends reached his hand, held it and assists him climbing down safely. Then the old man gestures back with thankful heart and smiling that warmed everyone’s heart who witnessed this act of kindness. The two friends smiled back at the old man, and people who were there had a story registered in their mind for the rest of their lives.

It is an experience that everyone must consider and ask, how many people needed help but we denied them, just because they are afraid of being rejected, like, “it is okay, I got this’ or I am fine, never mind.”  Many people are afraid of being court up in this kind of situation. Nevertheless, it should never be an excuse to assist anyone who seems like in need for assistance.

Therefore, always be available to show some love to one another. Just honor and show them some kindness in whichever little way as per your capability. It could be a kind word or meeting them at a time they need you the most. Even if it is just a hug, touch, a piece of advice or helping them to carry their stuff. Be it a large task or small, just try to show some act of kindness, because most people rarely receive an act of kindness.